DSPWorks LoRa + MCU Module (20dBm)

DSPWorks LoRa + MCU Module (20dBm)


Low-power LoRa with MCU, 20dBm transmit power.

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Availability: 29 in stock

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Product Description

This 20dBm module has a STM32L0 MCU on board with 


1 I2C

5 GPIO (1 DAC, multiple ADCs)

at an incredible 1.2uA deep-sleep current, 20dBm transmit power. This has the SX1276 with a Cortex-M0.

Chariot uses the space-saving Tag-Connect for SWD, so if you are interested in development make sure you get them. These can come flashed in the serial modem format or email us for options.

Talks to our open-source Low-Power LoRa gateway.