DSPWorks India Band LoRa Module – IdIoT

DSPWorks India Band LoRa Module – IdIoT


SX1276 based LoRa module with external PA/ LNA, fit for RPi/ Arduino etc.

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Availability: 28 in stock

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Product Description


The India Band LoRa Module – IDIoT is 30dBm module devoid of any MCU and mates with a RPi or Arduino or any other generic MCU including our STM32F405 EVB.

The module has an external RF Front end which boosts the transmit gain, transmitting at 30dBm and enhances the receive gain by about 5dBm (system noise figure improvement at 3dB).

It has SAW filter to reject the GSM/ CDMA RFI.

The Indian Band LoRa module has been designed allowing maximum power allowed in the country. It is a transceiver module, enabling direct control by the user on every aspect of the radio. It works in the 865-867MHz of IoT band, lending itself to be used as IoT gateway or IoT end-node. Can be used in Class-A, Class-C or LoRaWAN mode. The module may have an SMA connector over a RF pigtail as against on-board.


  1. Frequency: 865 – 867MHz
  2. Supported MCU — Any
  3. TX Power: 1W (30dBm, approx.)
  4. TX Current: 700mA (peak, at transmit)

Recommended Accessories

  1. DSPWorks IdIoT Pi Hat
  2. India ISM Band Antenna

Usage Guide and Software

  1. A brief on how to use the module with Raspberry Pi with relevant sources can be found here.
  2. The ST source can be found here.

Fine Print

Please note,

IdIoT is a module without any MCU on board. It has been tested and found working with Raspberry Pi, STM32LXX, STM32FXX, Arduino based modules.